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  • What prerequisites do I need to teach Broadway Boogie?
    To become a Broadway Boogie/BB Kids instructor you are not required to have any pre requisites but we do encourage instructors to further widen their learning experience within the fitness industry
  • Do you offer online instructor training?
    Yes we offer a full online step by step on demand training that you can take anytime any day from anywhere in the world. No travel costs and instant access. This is only available for Broadway Boogie. Our kids programme is available online as a LIVE training day only
  • Is there a course assessment?
    You will be assessed on your teaching skills at the end of our instructor training course by instructing one class track. You must demonstrate safe and effective technique while working to the beat and motivating your class (this does not need to be filmed with a class)
  • Do you need any equipment for a Broadway Boogie class?
    No! Its a really affordable class to set up.
  • Is there a license fee as a Broadway Boogie instructor?
    Yes we have a company membership which allows you to gain access to your backstage VIP benefits. You require an active licence to teach any of our Broadway Boogie programs. It is a valuable tool to keep your classes full of new choreography, download marketing materials and have access to exclusive choreography tracks You will receive new choreographed tracks every month (You may only use official Broadway Boogie choreography in your classes) Gain access to choreography on demand and step by step videos Warm up and cool down choreography Bonus tracks Marketing materials Social media and constantly updated video marketing tools Official branding and logos will be available only to company members You must have a membership to continue teaching your classes or contact HQ to discuss further or other circumstances.
  • What is the age limit for a Broadway Boogie class?
    Minimum age is 13-16 years for our Broadway Boogie classes. We recommend checking your individual insurance details to confirm their requirements Broadway Boogie Kids classes are suitable for age 4-13 years
  • What happens after your training course?
    Once you submit and receive your assessment feedback you will gain instant access to your backstage area including your opening night choreography and playlist alongside all your marketing materials to promote and fill your classes
  • Where can I find a class? If there is no class in your area why not become an instructor today
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