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Amazing feel good class. You'll smile all the way through it. It's a fantastic work out and so enjoyable for adults and kids


This class is amazing!! Its that enjoyable that sometimes you forget your exercising , music is great and all the moves are easy to pick up. Its definitely a class where you will always feel good when you leave and puts a smile on everyone's face. A class where you can let loose and get sweaty dancing about to all the broadway songs. Highly recommend & its even better that you can involve the full family.. even kids 


I absolutely love this class defo one that I look forward to every week!! 
It's a sweaty workout but at the same.time your singing and laughing and having the time of your life . And it's great for kids too my 10 year old joins in every week when she can and raves about it to everyone!!


Love this class. It certainly is a sweaty workout but it’s great fun. You’ll have a smile on your face from start to finish. Love the routines and music


This class is absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Don’t attend if you don’t like sweating as it’s a mega sweaty enjoyable class. Well worth the shiny faces at the end


An amazing class that I look forward to every week! So fun and family friendly! A great workout and a great laugh without fail! X


Love this class, has to be the feel good class of the week, even though it is the sweatiest. Music & routines are just what we need to put a smile on our faces 


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