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Would you like to teach 2 of our training programs? We are offering a double program discount price! SAVE £50 by signing up to both together.


You can take each training at your own pace, you can complete them individually and take your time through each one. Be ready to launch your Broadway Boogie, Broadway Boogie Kids or Broadway Boogie Encore classes




Broadway Boogie - Broadway Boogie is a high energy dance fitness workout inspired by musical theatre from stage and screen. Step into the spotlight and become a broadway star as you take on every leading role and embrace a different character with every single track. Broadway Boogie is a musical theatre, dance fitness workout like no other!


Broadway Boogie Kids - Broadway Boogie Kids is a fun and energetic dance fitness class for 4-13 year olds. Inspired by all things stage and screen, the programme incorporates musical theatre with the principles of fitness, offering a workout that will leave everyone wanting more. Every week kids will get to learn multiple musicals helping them stay fit and active, build confidence, introduce them to new friends, learn new skills as well as so much more.


Broadway Boogie Encore - Broadway Boogie Encore is a low impact dance fitness workout inspired by musicals from stage and screen. Even though the intensity is lower in our Encore classes it is still jam packed with fun! Experience the magic of Broadway Boogie Encore with uniquely choreographed routines that are kind to your body but still deliver a heart-pumping workout. Get ready to lose yourself in this workout, from the opening step to the final bow you will be singing, dancing, sweating and having the time of your life. A musical theatre dance fitness party that celebrates movement, mobility, wellness, and the sheer joy of being active A class for everyone because everyone belongs in the spotlight! COMING DEC 2023


Both training courses include a full masterclass with creator of Broadway Boogie and all the steps to the stage you will need to put your name in lights and join the Broadway cast.





Broadway Boogie Training Bundle - Any 2 Programs

  • Once you have purchased your bundle you will receive an email with your course selection information (please check your junk).

    You require an active Broadway Boogie monthly licence to teach any of our Broadway Boogie programs. A discount is applied for multiple programs

  • Please note Encore training is a PRE ORDER training and will not be immediately available - COMING MID DECEMBER 2023

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