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Broadway Boogie Encore is a low impact dance fitness workout inspired by musicals from stage and screen. Even though the intensity is lower in our Encore classes it is still jam packed with fun! Experience the magic of Broadway Boogie Encore with uniquely choreographed routines that are kind to your body but still deliver a heart-pumping workout. Get ready to lose yourself in this workout, from the opening step to the final bow you will be singing, dancing, sweating and having the time of your life. A musical theatre dance fitness party that celebrates movement, mobility, wellness, and the sheer joy of being active A class for everyone because everyone belongs in the spotlight!


Training includes a full masterclass with creator of Broadway Boogie and all the steps to the stage you will need to put your name in lights and join the Broadway cast.



Broadway Boogie Encore

  • All training courses are non refundable after purchase

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